What is Vessel Performance Solutions?


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Why you need Vessel Performance Solutions?

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How to get Vessel Performance Solutions now

That’s simple: secure your Vessel Performance Solutions now by simply sending us an e-mail, whatsapp, or calling our team. Our qualified pool of in-house inspectors can board your good vessel in one of the main shipping seaports around the globe. Even when you’re in a hurry, we can help you.

VPC, trusted all over the world

We are Control Union Vessel Performance Centre B.V. (VPC). We are part of Royal Peterson and Control Union. Our VPC offers vessel compliance and performance solutions to shipping. We deliver our services globally under a single quality system, through our network of Control Union offices. Our central team of experts is your single point of contact for our global services.

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More about VPC or Peterson and Control Union?

VPC Expertise Centre

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Class Approvals

Control Union Vessel Performance Centre B.V. holds the “Approved subcontractor”- status from leading Class societies. Click the logo to see the certificate.

Control Union Certifications is a US Coast Guard-accepted Independent Laboratory (IL) for testing of BWMS in accordance with 46 CFR 162.060.