Scrubber compliance

Vessels carry Scrubbers to meet the Sulphur Cap. Some countries do not allow Scrubbers operating in their waters,  others have specific requirements. We help you solve this regulatory minefield – both for VGP 2013 and since 6/2022 also MEPC.340(77). Our network of 90+ ports and self-sampling possibility offer maximum flexibility. At one global set of competitive rates.

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Many vessels have been equipped with Scrubbers to meet new sulphur emission requirements. Scrubbers can be open-loop, closed-loop or hybrid systems – with the former and the latter allowing the discharge of Scrubber Exhaust Wash water. This is highly acid water, typicallyDifferent regulations set different pH discharge limits of this water.  

Some countries like Singapore, China and Gibraltar do not allow operation of Scrubbers in their ports. While a growing number of countries including the United States with VGP 2013  on the other hand set different requirements. Vessels need to have their open-loop Scrubber Exhaust Wash water tested periodically – requiring specific chemical buffers and cooling of shipboard samplesas well involving complex laboratory-based equipment and machinery 

Shipowners can chose for their vessels to participate in IMO Washwater Data Collection program for Scrubber Exhaust Wash water discharges (MEPC.340(77))Yet so far as an exception, the Australia AMSA has made this collection of data obligatory for all Australian port calls.  

In short: Scrubber Exhaust Wash water compliance can be complex. 

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