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Performance Solutions

Shipping faces many new regulations that are ultimately expected to increase vessel voyage costs, to cover investments in scrubbers, ballast water treatment systems and CO2 emissions reporting. This triggers questions, like e.g.,

  • As a vessel operator, how can you improve fuel efficiency and lower emissions?
  • Which charter vessel will achieve the best expected fuel economy for your voyages?
  • How can you measure charter party compliance real-time?
  • Which levers do you have to lower fuel costs, even when you are not opererating your vessels?

We offer a suite of IT-based performance tools, to evaluate, factualise and benchmark vessel efficiency and bunker performance without the need for CAPEX or new hardware. These tools have been developed using Digital Twin algorithms, effectively modeling each single specific vessel to predict its fuel consumption, with 98% proven accuracy combined with daily Noon Reports. Our platform can also be connected to your vessel sensors through tailored API's to leverage existing data.

Our team is ready to pilot specific vessels and support decisions on e.g., optimised weather routing, trim and load adjustments, different retrofitting scenarios, charter selection and real-time charter party compliance.