Who we are

We serve shipowners, vessel managers and charterers. We help our customers to better monitor and control discharges of ballast water and other types of water, as well as CO2 and Sulphur emissions. Our innovative IT-based solutions have proven to be able to help increase the fuel economy for vessel voyages by up to 15%, and can be tailored easily to serve your specific needs.

Peterson Vessel Performance Centre B.V. (VPC) is part of Peterson, a Dutch family business established in 1920. Serving its customers succesfully for 100 years in the fields of logistics, quality, certications and risk management. From its roots in agricultural inspections, Peterson is now operating in more than 70 countries and offering a complete range of tailored supply chain solutionsfor its valued customers.

Our Vessel Performance Centre was founded in the spring of 2019, to combine the global network  and track-record of Peterson with the expertise and entrepreneurial drive of a small team of industry specialists. We combine 25+ years of expertise in maritime supply-chains and sustainability programs.

Please contact us to discuss how we can serve your needs in relation to:

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