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CO2 Emissions

Since January 1st 2019 all operators of merchant vessels larger than 5,000GT are required to Monitor and Report their CO2 emissions yearly on a voyage basis– both under the European Union MRV Regulation 575/2015 and globally under the IMO Data Collection System (DCS). These regulations are similar but differ substantially in reporting templates and definitions; in addition, EU-MRV requires independent Verification from an ISO14065 accredited certification body. These reporting schemes might be used for a future Carbon Taxation Scheme in 2023, which is looming over the industry.

We offer two distinct services for your EU-MRV and IMO-DCS compliance; and to prepare you for future carbon taxation:

  • Basic service – competitively priced, based on your vessel’s daily Noon Reporting. Our IT-platform combines your data into both EU-MRV and IMO-DCS reporting templates, removing the need for office-based data collection activities.
  • Premium service – which in addition triangulates your vessel’s Noon reports with public data sources and ensure error free emissions reporting. Should your vessel’s crew require local support or, any of our local offices in all key ports in 70+ countries will be ready to provide assistance.

Our sister company Control Union Certifications is ISO14065:2013 accredited to independently verify your EU-MRV reports.

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