Tekengebied 228
0.5%-Sulphur Cap

Through our network of local offices we assist fuel purchases with bunker surveys and lubricant analyses. We offer these services leveraging our worldwide chain of independent laboratories, which are ISO17025 accredited. 

As of January 1st 2020 all countries have agreed to curb Sulphur-emissions from merchant shipping, by enforcing a global 0.5%-Sulphur Cap on all bunkers. Vessel owners have two options: either spending CAPEX and retrofitting expensive Scrubbers to be able to continue to use fuels with higher Sulphur-contents than 0.5% (like MFO / HFO, LFO, DMA, DMX) or, switching engines to fuels with lower Sulphur-contents than what is allowed (like MDO / Marine Diesel Oil). It is expected that in many ports, specific compliant and high-sulphur fuels will not always be available; a huge planning complexity!
Some industry experts expect this new regulation to drive-up marine fuel prices by 20-25%.

Our sister companies, like Control Union Certifications and TLR International Laboratories, have in-depth knowledge and long-established experience in biofuel and relevant certifications standards, such as: International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) and Biomass Biofuel Sustainability voluntary scheme (2BSvs).

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