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Service update – stronger out of the crisis

#Covid19 impacts all of us big time. Especially to the many staff now nursing & providing care for the sick: we at VPC thank you!

Let us also not forget all seafarers who continue sailing, to supply us with food and essential goods during these turbulent times. Because crew changes are restricted in many ports, many have extended their time at sea and cannot be with the families and friends as planned.

We at VPC have decided that we will get out of this crisis stronger than we were when it hit. We are working from home in quarantine, to make our service more efficient and better. We will do what we can to keep supply chains moving safely and sustainably!

Our services across 55 port locations and key trade lanes are impacted too. While we remain open for business to serve our customers, availability is subject to local restrictions and instructions of relevant authorities.


Do you want to learn more about us? And see how our global VGP Water Discharge Monitoring program can help your vessels be compliant?

Please view our new animation also available on Youtube and let us know what you think. We look forward to help your vessels be VGP compliant at all times.

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